D.DAY | Space Ship Earth. Who is at the steering wheel of our future?

Space Ship Earth. Who is at the steering wheel of our future?

14.03.2016 | Soho House Berlin

In a time of massive economic and cultural transition how do we re-program the institutions around us? As political leaders fail to create a sustainable future, social innovation is manifesting elsewhere. Deconstructing the world and re-building it is not the task of a political elite, but rather new visionaries who take on the global challenges together.

As misfits and outliers working on disruptive innovation – what strategies and tactics are key to getting your ideas adopted and mainstreamed? When is the right time to work within the system – and when should you spin-out? What are the risks of co-option? Understanding your stance and your theory of change is critical. Are you a reformer working on the inside of our institutions? An explorer on the edges of the current paradigm? A bohemian building a singularly new world? An activist shocking and provoking our existing systems into greater awareness? Our relationship to the system determines our identity and legacy.

As individuals our fundamental human condition is one of fallenness. We’re born into cultures that we never asked for – that we didn’t shape. Many of these cultures have pathologies and inherited command-and-control structures that are no longer relevant to the future we are trying to create. As a result, we find ourselves moving through the world as culture hackers. Frustrated by pre-existing cultures, we hack at dysfunctions, we create the possibility for new worlds. But beyond a particular project or technology, what is the culture, the way of being, the consciousness that you are infecting the world with? How do you steward that culture and embed it in the prototype you’re building?

We discussed new roles and responsibilities in the world of tomorrow wit Alexa Clay and Marek Tuszynski, two leading social innovators and entrepreneurs, who continued to challenge the present, outlined a collaborative future and inspired holistic leadership.