Contributor,Video Production

Finding my true Self in everything „I do“ is my main practice. This practice expresses itself in my work, my life, my being.

For almost 20 years I have been working in the media industry as producer, editor, cinematographer and video editor. In various projects around the world I have widened my understanding of media production. To understand and bring together the different crafts has always been my motivation and my proficiency.

In all those years I was given many chances to learn and create. I am storm-proof, deeply relaxed, farsighted and always in focus. I love projects that take me to new places, meeting interesting people, challenge my professional skills and make me go to new and unknown territory.

I work with dedication and unruffled joy because my experience showed me that solutions can only be created with a clear mind, an open heart and a mutual effort.

I try to contribute to that solution with my skills.