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Work with us

Expert Network

Our diverse network of experts provide various know-how and services for corporates, public administrations and non-profits worldwide that want to learn more about digital transformation and create purpose-driven innovation within their organization.

To empower your corporation and transfer knowledge our international network of experts work with you as freelance consultants individually and in teams with organizations.

Among the skills and expertise in our network are giving inspirational talks, workshop facilitation, new methodologies for strategy creation, community building, research reports, fast prototyping and design thinking.

Event Formats

We beliefe in the power of Intelligent networking with genius people to foster meaningful exchange and collaboration. Because only an holistic view allows us to see all social, economical and environmental drivers of any innovation.

Therefor we interlink like-minded people who think about the relevant questions on how technology can help us to life the live we want in harmony with our communities and environment.

We connect people who value exchange and inspiration; people, who want to start new projects with each other. We bring them together through a variety of encounters like fireplace salons, purpose circles, community dinners, learning journeys, or meet-ups with leading pioneers.

Innovation Space

Sustainable solutions need space and time where ideas can become reality and materialize in concrete prototypes. We create space that maintain creative tension and allow collaboration and community. With concepts around co-working and co-living we create camps specifically designed to rethinking old ways and experiment with new ideas.

We are agents of change. In our camps we are curators and blend the ingredients that enable true innovation. We bring together people from divers disciplines you need to take the next step. Our toolbox of methods ranges from open innovation, massive transformative purpose (MTP), design thinking, agile methods and the like. We apply them in great outdoor, urban or in-house settings.

Educational Services

Our experts provide a variety of educational services for students and professionals.

They hold interactive short classes as well as long-term programs at universities and co-working spaces, either physical present or online through webinars and MOOCs. With these activities, we aim to inspire and enable students and professionals to create conscious and purpose-driven innovation with digital technology.